Contribute to graphite

Frustrated by poor, digital publication standards in academia and beyond, the co-authors of graphite set out to create a tool for nerds and tech newbies alike, which allows users to create well-layouted and responsive online publications without the backing of a publishing house or extensive webdevelopment knowledge.

The resulting framework graphite exists of the open-source python package graphite-paper and a bunch of starter packs. If you would like to contribute to the exisiting framework or help develop the idea to something even greater, don't hesitate and contact the authors.

Add themes

A repository for existing themes is in the pipeline. If you developed a beautiful theme, consider sharing the stylesheet or even the full starter.

Implement new plugins and components

Components have been added on the go whenever the need for them came up. But there is still a universe of possiblities. You're welcome to fork the package repository, implement a plugin and create a pull request.

Improve architecture

You're a pyhton goddess or frontent development genius? If you have some extra time and are equally passionate about state-of-the-time publications, join the team and contribute with your wisdom.

Fund the authors

You can provide none of the above but you have no clue where to invest your grannies christmas money from last year? We have a piggy bank with graphite’s name on it, drop us a coin!

Contact the team

If you want to buy the authors a beer, you can find them here:

Marcel Hebing Email | Website | Github

Larissa Wunderlich Email | Website | Github